Post #1: A Beginning

Is it too late to join the blog game or what?  As an unspoken rule I generally like to do things about four or five years after they're cool.  Mumford & Sons?  Sounds like a hit.  Breaking Bad?  Season One is in my Netflix queue as we speak.  Food carts?  Delicious.  Is performance fleece still a thing?  If it was cool in 2010 I'm all over it now.  So, on that note, I'm blogging.

Well, really, we'll see where this goes.  An old college buddy of mine, a friend the likes of which I've learned there are few in life, subtly reminded me the other day how I was once a burgeoning writer.  By burgeoning I mean wannabe, and by subtly I mean he voluntarily, without provocation, suggested I quit my day job and go write somewhere.  Anywhere.  

How's that for lighting a fuse?  

Aside from delivering my resignation at work, I took his words to heart more than he probably ever expected.  

Because I used to write.  A lot.  Loved it.  So much so that I walked away from college with a four-year degree in it.  But at some point I grew tired of my own voice.  Why?  Besides an absolute phobia of  pretentiousness, I'm not totally certain.  But I'm going to try and figure it out and I think the antidote to a twelve year bout of writer's block is to just write.  So that's what I'll be doing here. 

Now, back to photography.  

Besides trying to write, I also aim to reveal all my new images on here as I get them.  So posted below are a couple from a recent trip to Cape Kiwanda.  The frothing ocean was terrifyingly wild that night and did not match the quiet pastels that lingered above.  I admittedly get too close to the water, but not this time.  

This winter has been pretty quiet for me photographically, with some personal recharging going on, but I have big expectations for the next few months as well as the rest of the year.  If you want to follow along fill out the subscribe via e-mail form in the upper right of this page and get notifications whenever I post new content.